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The scale of meetings and events in your company can vary greatly. It could be as basic as setting up a meeting for your boss with two clients or as sophisticated as organizing a corporate event for over 1,000 people. The latter is, naturally, more complex. Typically, you'd need to contact a few locations to find out about their capacity and availability. This entails requesting multiple proposals and negotiating with each individually until a venue is secured. This stage alone can take a long time before you’re able to begin with the rest of your meeting management tasks. The complexity increases when preparing a multi-day event with various aspects to account for.

Meetingselect is more than a venue booking platform. We also help with group bookings, whether they are for a small group of 10 or a large event with 2,000+ guests. This section will cover how our platform and Meeting Specialists can help you organize and schedule larger group events more efficiently.

Venues Selection

A meeting location may need a larger or more appropriate space for the event you're planning. Your program may require a large area to fit all attendees at once, smaller rooms for breakout sessions, or a business lounge for receptions or refreshments, among other things. Our website allows you to find and compare the best destinations. Our Meeting Specialists are available to assist you in tailoring your chosen venue to your needs. Furthermore, you can contact the venue provider directly through our platform to address any specific questions.


Planning a multi-day event or hosting people from other countries entails booking hotel rooms for your guests. The process can be laborious, especially for large groups. Booking.com and other websites limit you to reserve up to 30 rooms at a time, and the rapid filling of hotels near big conferences can further complicate this operation. As a result, your participants may be scattered across multiple hotels throughout the city, which may be inconvenient or at least difficult to arrange. Meetingselect,  with its broad network and wealth of experience in dealing with such matters, will provide suitable lodging for your guests, all at pre-negotiated rates.

Transportation Challenges

At times, your participants may need to travel between several locations, such as the airport, hotel, or numerous meeting sites. Our Meeting Specialists are ready to organize reliable transportation to ensure on-time and orderly arrivals and departures to and from all designated locations. This could include a shuttle service, a private car, or other vehicles. We've also helped with flight arrangements and public transport information. We are always glad to help in any way we can.

Food and Beverages

Organizing the food and beverages for a group event is a daunting task in and of itself. Will you serve snacks in the meeting room, and when? Will the event be held in a single location, or will it require catering in numerous spaces? Are you considering serving a three-course dinner to unwind after a long day? Have you considered your participants' allergies, dietary restrictions, or religious dietary laws? These are just a few of the numerous factors to consider when planning the catering for any group event, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.

Payment solutions

Meetingselect reduces your financial workload by providing a centralized e-invoicing payment solution suitable for group reservations with many receipts and vendors. Our finance department oversees everything, guaranteeing that every organization engaged pays on time and in full.

Whether you're planning a small or large event, our worldwide digital venue marketplace has plenty of excellent options. Consult with a Meeting Specialist at any time, and our newly acquired Global Events Director, Jeroen de Hooge, can provide experienced guidance to overcome any event planning obstacles and satisfy your goals. Working together, we can create a well-organized and memorable group event. 

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