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Many questions have been asked of us before. We have listed the answers to our most frequently asked questions for you.
What is Meetingselect?

Meetingselect is the all-in-one platform for meeting management. We make searching, booking, and tracking external meetings & events efficient.

What are the opening times of the Meetingselect Office?

The booking platform is accessible 24/7. You always have insight into your requests and bookings at any time. Our experts can be reached during office hours from Monday - Friday. See the contacts section for more information.

Where is Meetingselect located?

Meetingselect has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, United States, India, Spain, France.

How can I contact Meetingselect?

You can contact Meetingselect via the website: https://web.meetingselect.com/en/contact, via phone, and e-mail; info@meetingselect.com.

Can I work for Meetingselect?

At Meetingselect we do not want to offer you just a job, we want to offer you a career, you can access the vacancies at this link: https://web.meetingselect.com/en/jobs


Why is sustainability in the workplace important to Meetingselect?

Businesses are one of the biggest polluters of the environment. Whether it’s because of dust exposure, product waste or chemical exposure - the consequences are huge. Minimizing your environmental footprint as a business has a beneficial effect on the local community and, by extension, your company’s reputation. We at Meetingselect assist you with various reports that can assist you with reporting on your measurements taken for Carbon footprint reduction.

How does Meetingselect contribute to sustainability?

At Meetingselect, we strive for sustainable growth. Together with our clients and partners, we develop initiatives that contribute to a healthy world, such as Hotels for Trees and Meetings for Trees and automatized carbon footprint calculators within our platform. Since 2015, we received a silver rating from Ecovadis for our initiatives for corporate social responsibility.

Why is inclusivity in the workplace important to Meetingselect?

An inclusive workplace is one that makes everyone, no matter who they are or what they do, feel safe and involved. Why it’s so important? It’s one of the keys to retention. We want our employees to feel that their ideas, presence or contributions are value. Having an inclusive workplace culture is not only helping us attract a diverse set of talent, but also retain the talent we have already attracted.

How does Meetingselect contribute to inclusivity?

At Meetingselect, we want our services, facilities and resources to be accessible and useful to every citizen. This is regardless of individual characteristics, which may unfairly affect a person’s opportunities in life. One of many ways Meetingselect internally contributes to inclusivity is by giving people with disadvantages the opportunity to work. We worked hard to make our workplace a safe environment for everyone, and continue to do so. In 2021, our social return activities reached 9%. Meetingselect is a diverse and multi-cultural organization with 33 different nationalities based over the world and still growing, from 18 to 68 years old with a great balance between male/female/non-binary. Bookers can even search for the best hotels and meeting venues that have spoken out to be LGBTQ+ friendly.

What is Meetings for Trees?

Meetings For Trees is a foundation established in May 2022 with ANBI status, which means that donations to the foundation are tax deductible. Meetingselect, the globally operating marketplace for meetings, events and workplaces, is the founding partner. The foundation is managed by a board and overseen by a Supervisory Board. The foundation is not for profit. All donations are spent on afforestation projects of, among others, cooperation partner Trees for All or used for running and further growing Meetings for Trees.

Which products does Meetingselect offer?

Corporate sales:

  • Meetingselect platform incl. Hotelselect & Instant Booking
  • Corporate Seating system


Supplier sales:

  • Meetingselect supplier platform
  • Instant Booking
  • White label booking engine
  • Share it MiceAccess


MICE & Travel industry:

  • Widget
  • Booking Engine
  • Agency White Label
  • White Label MiceAccess
  • JSON Interface MiceAcess
  • Meetingselect API


Service partners:

  • Widget
Does Meetingselect integrate with Property Management Systems?

In order to gain efficiency and increase conversion and revenues, Meetingselect offers solutions to manage availability automatically. One of the solutions is to integrate with PMS’s.

Please contact our Supplier sales team via supplier@meetingselect.com to find out what we can do for you.

Which integrations are available for Corporate clients?

Meetingselect is integrated with various ERP systems, among which SAP, Oracle & E-Size. Alongside that, we also offer payment via solutions as AirPlus, Amex & Citibank.

What does a Meetingselect white label entail?

A Meetingselect white label gives you the possibility to level up your up your travel agency & OTA business with Meetingselect’s Instant Booking™ solution.

Can I connect to Meetingselect via API?

We connect to our partners through API’s. Examples of our current connections are PMS’s, ERP’s, GDS, Event Management Software companies and AI. If you are interested in connecting to us, please reach out to our Product Sales department.

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Martin Bergonje, CEO

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Being open, transparent and direct is not something to say, we at Meetingselect do it!

As a part of our core values we have defined all above mentioned values and I make sure all my colleagues live by them. My name is Martin Bergonje and proud to be the CEO of this fast growing and exciting company.


Practice what you preach is my personal motto. That’s why I herewith like to invite you to contact me directly when you have a question, a suggestion or an idea, maybe a complaint or compliment. You might be interested in working with us.

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