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As part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts we're taking another step towards environmental sustainability by launching an initiative that will help you reduce your CO₂ footprint when booking meetings through our platform. Meetingselect is the founding partner of the Meetings for Trees Foundation.
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Sustainability is central to the actions of Meetingselect

Running a transparent business strategy is a lasting relationship and closeness to everyone in society, and this applies not only to our staff and founders of the company but also to the users of our services and the whole community.

As a healthy company, Meetingselect continuously develops initiatives with customers and partners that contribute to a better world. Therefore, we are very proud to announce our new initiative - The Meetings for Trees Foundation. In close cooperation with Trees for All, you can now compensate for the CO2 production of your meetings with a simple click of a mouse. Our platform will calculate the CO2 production and within few weeks, we will plant trees based on that production.

Trees for All is ANBI-certified and a founding partner of Meetings for Trees, Meetingselect will not receive any profit from your donations. The Meeting for Trees Foundation contributes directly to a greener world.

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Our 0 steps to a greener world


Planting trees to offset carbon impact

When booking through our platform you will soon have the option to offset the carbon impact of your event by planting trees. Pick this option and help us create a more sustainable meeting industry!

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Carbon Footprint Calculator Tool

Book and make use of our carbon footprint calculator tool, embedded into the Meetingselect platform. This tool will allow bookers to directly calculate the approximate carbon impact of their event which can then be compensated by planting trees!

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Our contribution

Yes, Meetingselect will contribute, too. We're not only creating the technologies from step 1 and 2 but we too are contributing to Trees For All to support their efforts. Meetingselect has donated to Trees For All in 2022 and will continue to donate every year from 2023 - 2026.

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Trees For All and Meetings for Trees

About Meetings For Trees

Meetings For Trees is a foundation established in May 2022 with ANBI status, which means that donations to the foundation are tax deductible. Meetingselect, the globally operating marketplace for meetings, events and workplaces, is the founding partner. The foundation is managed by a board and overseen by a Supervisory Board. The foundation is not for profit. All donations are spent on afforestation projects of, among others, cooperation partner Trees for All or used for running and further growing Meetings for Trees.

Martin Bergonje

CEO, Meetingselect

Trees For All
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Join us in creating a more sustainable meeting industry!

Take another step towards environmental sustainability. 

We are planting trees:

  • Compensate for the CO2 production of your meetings & events
  • Contribute directly to (re)forestation projects all around the world
  • Donations are tax deductible


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