Business is better with  Instant Booking

Business is better with Instant Booking

Increase your MICE revenue with our Instant Booking software. Make it easy for meeting planners to choose your venue, stand out in our search results and let your team save time.
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3 advantages of instant booking


Real-time Availability Insights:

Instant Booking empowers meeting planners with the ability to instantly view real-time availability for meeting rooms. This feature eliminates the need for time-consuming back-and-forth communication, providing planners with immediate access to a comprehensive list of options based on their preferred location and time frame. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures that planners can secure the perfect space for their meetings without delay.

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Swift and Seamless Confirmation Process

With Instant Booking, meeting planners receive instant confirmation for their booking requests. This means they can move forward with their plans without any uncertainty or waiting period. This level of responsiveness and efficiency instills confidence in planners, knowing that their reservations are promptly acknowledged and confirmed, contributing to a smoother and more streamlined planning experience.

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Benefit from Meetingselect's Flexible Cancellation Policies

Instant Booking comes with the added advantage of accessing Meetingselect's flexible cancellation policies. This means that planners have the peace of mind of knowing they can make necessary adjustments to their reservations without encountering excessive complications or penalties. This added flexibility allows for adaptability in the face of changing circumstances, providing an extra layer of convenience and assurance to meeting planners as they navigate the planning process.

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