8 Expert Tips for Cost Control When Planning Your Next Event!

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You must be a magician when tasked with conference planning: rooms conjured, vendors coordinated, and everything within the budget! From event management to expense tracking, corporate booking managers are the heroes of every successful event. Meetingselect suggests you follow these four tips to ensure your magic goes as far as possible.

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1 - Mastering cost control

The importance of specifics

Cost control for business meetings and conference planning is essential, but it is particularly challenging for those working off-site. Venues are hard to locate, and website price lists often need to be more precise. During venue selection, managers may not be responsive, specifications aren’t listed, or it’s impossible to guarantee a venue follows a company’s requirements. Which suppliers are in the area? Who has agreements with the venue? All of this must be tracked and invoiced as well.

Your job is most straightforward when you know as much about what you’re looking for before you start looking. You can avoid wasting hours tracking down rental rates if you can begin by ruling out a portion of what’s available. There is no more enormous drain on resources than to get weeks into a conversation with a venue or supplier negotiation only to discover they don’t have the insurance your company requires or don’t follow the sustainability charter in your corporate guidelines. When you know exactly what your specifications are, you only begin conversations with venues that are a fit.

2 - Streamline your venue search

Meetingselect’s filter helps you find the perfect business meeting space with precision

The Meetingselect venue filter lets you specify precisely what you need for your business meeting, from numbers to tech setup. Does your company have legal requirements? We’ve got that covered, too. By filtering out options that don’t meet your company’s event specifications, you can focus your magic on the things that count, allowing for our expert advice to ensure efficient management.


3 - Beyond location

Why specific requirements matter when choosing an event space

Location is paramount, but an event space is only valuable if outfitted to accommodate necessary vendors. Being specific about food, entertainment, and trade show requirements is just as important. Don’t book a fantastic space only to realize your preferred caterer can’t get access to a kitchen!

4 - Effortless vendor management

Meetingselect’s comprehensive service ensures smooth negotiations and finances

Vendors are also taken care of by Meetingselect. When you book through us, you can oversee supplier negotiation, which allows for even more favorable finances for meeting spending. We have already worked to establish relationships between vendors and venues, so when you book through Meetingselect, there are no surprises

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5 - Unlocking insights

Leveraging event data for better planning and execution

Every time a company holds an event, it generates data for the next one. Venue statistics and supplier numbers provide data that can go far beyond casual debriefs and office surveys. But tracking it is time-consuming and requires an added layer of organization to an already complicated plan.

6 - Effortless expense tracking

Meetingselect’s comprehensive service helps you to keep tabs on spending across multiple events

Not only can you compare options and fees within our venue selection filter, but your choice also seamlessly folds into Meetingselect’s expense tracking. For example, do you oversee multiple events every year? Every time you book with Meetingselect, your data points are extracted and shared with you, providing you with a robust understanding of spending habits over any period so that your budget can remain on point year after year.


7 - Unlock the magic of cost control

Meetingselect’s precision filters and data tracking help you plan the perfect conference or business meeting

Meetingselect makes cost control a priority. That’s why we have precision filters that allow you to make sure all your specifics are taken care of. Add to that our superior data tracking, and you’ve got all the pieces to make your next conference or business meeting magical! Our platform technology provides valuable insights into meeting data and spending, relieving meeting planners of the burden.

8 - Ready to make your next event a success?

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