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Meetingselect's development over the past few years has been phenomenal. From a humble beginning, we now have over a hundred hardworking experts spread across several countries. Since we first launched, the number of businesses using our platform has skyrocketed; today, more than 500 different companies regularly make reservations through us. We also boast a digital marketplace that includes over 500,000 venues globally, a far cry from when we first launched and just listed Dutch venues. We feel an incredible feeling of joy and accomplishment at this extraordinary growth.  

How did Meetingselect manage this rapid expansion? What should you look out for in yours? Our CEO, Martin Bergonje, shares the key lessons we learned in the last few years which made all of this possible.  

What made our swift growth feasible?   

“Growth like ours, doubling in revenue every year, is only feasible when you have a clear vision, strategy, plan, and ambitious objectives. We are an Objectives and Key Results (OKR) driven organization. That, combined with continuing to build a strong and determined team, makes it possible to grow this fast, without losing focus on the quality of the services to our users.” 

What are some hard lessons we learned?  

“Navigating the difficulties of a worldwide talent hunt in a tight labor market, with a wide variety of norms and regulations, has been the most challenging thing we've had to learn. Our strong name recognition has helped us zero in on the most qualified candidates in the business, people who share our vision and have the experience and education to make it a reality. I can't overstate the value of a solid orientation and training program. To ensure that every new member of our team is fully prepared to contribute from day one, we provide extensive training on our goods, services, procedures, and customers' preferences.” 

What is the main thing for other companies to keep in mind in their expansion?  

“In my experience as a CEO, I've found that a happy and motivated staff is just as important as providing excellent service to customers. There is no denying the connection between the happiness of our staff and the success of our business.” 

So, come check out our platform for plentiful unique venues worldwide and plan your next team meeting in an inspiring location! 

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