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At Meetingselect, we believe in inclusivity, in innovation. This is why our two inspiring female founders were invited to Cape Town for the EY’s Winning Women annual conference in mid-March. A gathering for women succeeding in the entrepreneurial business world.

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With speakers from all over the world, including Zelda La Grange who served as Nelson Mandela’s personal aide in his retirement and Emily Vollmer who shared her fascinating story of a rough start in childhood abandonment to eventually creating a business empire.

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We left inspired and see many more opportunities for growth, both within and outside of Meetingselect to contribute to. One subject discussed was ‘No boundaries: going international’, which has been one of our main focus points in the last few years. At this moment, we officially have bookers and venues using our platform on every continent and have people working for us in 12 countries. We plan to add another 5 countries in the next 5 years and strive towards making the Meetingselect way of efficiently booking meetings everyone’s preferred choice. In this way, we can ensure meeting management to save time and costs, we can contribute to information flowing swiftly within those meetings, and indirectly encourage businesses’ improved decision-making towards a more sustainable, responsible, and creative world.

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Anouk and Judith were invited due to the successful corporation they’ve dreamed and achieved to create. An innovative digital solution as a mostly female-run tech company within the hospitality industry. With over 15 years, since its beginning we’ve helped countless corporate and (semi-) governmental organizations manage their meetings more efficiently and sustainably.

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