Duty of Care of Employers in the Corporate Travel and Event Industry

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You hear the term more and more often: The Duty of Care or the duty of care of employers towards their employees. This is certainly very important for event & meeting planners, groups and business travelers who regularly travel abroad due to their work. As a player in the corporate travel and event industry, we believe that The Duty of Care is at the top of the agenda.

Yet many companies still ignore this hot topic. They often only focus on individual travelers and forget about directly booked meetings and group reservations at hotels. And that's a shame because it has many advantages – apart from the moral obligation it entails. Meetingselect has developed an innovative online tool that allows our customers to access all the details of employees and participants in an event at the touch of a button.

Take good care of your people

We live in times when natural disasters, aviation strikes, global pandemics and horrendous attacks, unfortunately, occur regularly. That is why it is so important to have a central communication platform to get conference participants, groups and employees home safely. Unfortunately, anything can happen during a (business) trip. For example, the ash cloud after the volcanic eruption in Iceland is still fresh in the minds of many people. In 2010, air traffic in Europe was completely shut down for a few days.

A special Duty of Care Act has therefore also been created in the Netherlands to protect employees against these kinds of situations. This means that employers must ensure the health and safety of their staff. This goes much further than the above calamities, by the way. Even if someone contracts food poisoning or loses his or her passport during working hours, the employer has the responsibility to resolve this adequately. And how about the guarantee that someone does not get to drive after a long flight, but instead can take a taxi? That an employee flies business class on intercontinental flights? These are just a few examples of the moral and legal obligations that internationally operating companies have.

Instant access to important data

Meetingselect has developed an innovative online tool especially for buyers, travel managers, risk managers and anyone who is involved in business travel and international meetings & events, where you have insight into the data of the meeting, location, location and information at the touch of a button. date, place, country, booker and contact details of the booker and participants in an (international) event. Whether it is a minor incident, such as missing a connecting flight, an attack or a natural disaster. With this tool, our customers have 24/7 access to the following data:

  • Direct localization of bookings at home and abroad per city and country
  • Booked by whom and by which divisions initiated
  • Up-to-date, real-time contact information (mobile phones, emails, etc.) of both the bookers and the location that has been booked

Clear travel and risk policy

To protect the employees, a clearly formulated travel policy within an organization is, therefore, a must. What vaccinations does someone need? What are the go and no-go areas at a destination? What are the protocols in case of an emergency? How do you reach your people, is there a clear insight into who is where? You shouldn’t think that you first have to go through all kinds of emails and agendas to find out. In short, a clear risk policy prevents unpleasant situations, such as sky-high claims and reputational damage.

Meetingselect's online tool helps with this. And it pays off because it can save a company tens of thousands of euros when things go wrong. This makes it a lot easier to comply with The Duty of Care.

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