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Cyberdigma Hospitality Platform

Manage your meeting rooms, workspaces and office spaces.
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3 advantages of Cyberdigma


Human-centered software

The individual user is central to the development and design of the Cyberdigma Hospitality Platform. We’ve achieved an optimal user experience by aiming for intuitive usability and offering relevant functionalities in the right places. Our human-centered software is straightforward and provides easy management of your meeting rooms, workspaces and office spaces.

Human centered

Real-time information solution

The Cyberdigma Hospitality Platform offers a real-time solution for managing property like meeting rooms, workspaces and office spaces. It includes a location management system, a booking platform and a system with which you can manage the different sales channels. These individual products work together in real-time and form the Cyberdigma Hospitality Platform.

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Scalable cloud based platform

The Cyberdigma Hospitality Platform is a super scalable cloud based solution. The cloud computing infrastructure enables us to rapidly adjust resources to meet your demand. Cloud based platforms are known to be flexible, scalable and secure. It helps us achieve speed and agility while maintaining quality standards.

Instant booking
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