The 7 best World Cup activities for corporates

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Do you want to organize fun and bonding corporate activities? With the FIFA World Cup around the corner, there are plenty of options for all your employees to enjoy. These are 7 World Cup activities for corporates you need to try!

1) Decorate the office World Cup style

Nothing gets us in the mood for the World Cup like a nicely decorated office. As one of your World Cup activities, invite some employees to hang flags for a festive ambiance and distribute small gifts such as hooters, whistles and confetti.

Tip: use different countries as an inspiration for your theme! With 32 finalist nations in the World Cup, there are countless colours and patterns for you to work with. Not only does this brighten the mood in your office instantly, but it also gives you the opportunity to celebrate diversity.

2) Adopt a relaxed dress code for a day

The work environment is meant to be professional, but there’s always room for an exception - right? With that being said, why not adopt a relaxed dress code for the first Monday of the World Cup. It’s one of the simplest World Cup activities out there, yet it never disappoints.

Another fun way to adapt the dress code, is to announce a soccer jersey day. This gives your employees a chance to wear the favourite teams and show their loyalty.

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3) Stream a World Cup game at lunch

Once the World Cup starts, the football fans within your company will probably have a hard time concentrating. So, to keep work and football separated, transform an empty meeting room into a broadcasting room during lunchtime. There, you can invite your employees to gather, eat and watch one of the games. This is one of the best corporate activities to keep your employees from being distracted all day long and enjoy your time together.

> Don't have an empty meeting room to broadcast the World Cup? Find one close to your company.

4) Host quizzes during the breaks

Maybe streaming games isn’t for you, but hosting quizzes is also a fun way to interact with your employees! And one of the easiest World Cup activities to organize.

In what year did Spain win their first World Cup? Which host nation had orange as their tournament mascot? And in what year was the first FIFA Women’s World Cup? Collect as many questions as you can and test everyone’s knowledge. The employee or team with the most correct answers wins a prize. A Starbucks gift card, a bottle of wine, or even a box of chocolates. It’s the thought that counts, after all.

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5) Enjoy wins with your international customers

Every company has a few football fans. Show you are involved with your international customers, by celebrating their nation's wins during the World Cup. Send out an e-mail with a personal discount, or be creative and make selfie filters in the colours of their nation.

Make this one of your internal World Cup activities as well, by letting your employees come up with creative ways to surprise your customers. The employee with the best idea gets bonus points for the World Cup quiz or gets to choose the lunch during the stream.

6) Host a table football tournament

Host your own if you don’t want to bring the actual World Cup to your office. Organise a table football tournament and bring out the competitive nature of your employees. Make each of them choose one of the 32 finalist nations and compete with each other. This is one of the corporate activities that not only bring your employees closer together but also improve their attention span. Win-win, right?

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7) Run your own World Cup sweepstake

Kick off the FIFA World Cup of 2022 with your very own corporate sweepstake. Start by putting the names of the 32 finalist nations into a hat. Then invite your employees to pick these out randomly before the tournament begins. Each participating colleague pays a sum of money for the nation they take out of the hat.

The colleague (or the team) that picked the World Cup winner, gets the accumulated prize money. Of course, you can also offer consolation prizes. Maybe a cake for the runner-up, or a medal for the worst-performing team? Anyhow: holding your own sweepstake is a simple way to add a bit of competitive fun to your workplace.

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