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Many procurement managers understand the benefits of Meetingselect’s software. Our platform’s unique features, which are not found on other platforms, are highly appreciated by our users for their cost and time-saving effectiveness. However, when meeting planners book meetings they become accustomed to a particular workflow, they may be reluctant to adopt new methods if they are not adequately informed about the benefits and functionality of the Meetingslect platform. To bridge this gap, let us explore the keyways in which our platform can improve your meeting management process.  

  1. Instant Booking. Eliminate pointless waiting time by seeing direct availability and instantly booking a venue for your upcoming meeting on our global marketplace. No need to wait for a proposal or dwell on uncertainties with our transparent and efficient platform.  
  2. Payment solution. Our services unburden your financial workload with standardized and streamlined payment processes. Scalable to your organization’s growth, central e-invoicing as executed by Meetingselect will reduce your manual labor and save valuable time.   
  1. Data insight. You gain easy access to data that can assist you in making improved strategic decisions for future meetings. Collecting these insights and understanding the patterns and trends can optimize your costs, sustainability efforts, and more.  
  1. Compliance. Our platform ensures all parties agree on internal and external regulations and deliver under consistent terms and conditions. This automation can save you from repairing avoidable misalignments down the line and ensure smooth proceedings. 
  1. Duty of Care. You have 24/7 access to data necessary in emergent situations. The employer is responsible for keeping their meeting attendees safe, Meetingselect’s platform provides a detailed and reliable system for instant data collection on such occasions.  
  1. Benchmarking. Meetingselect offers transparent comparison opportunities for you to benchmark and host your next meeting at a venue that suits your specific needs. This allows you to accurately and effectively analyze various factors all-in-one place. 
  1. Network. We know that many of you have secured and nurtured your contact list when planning your meetings. Our platform allows you to preserve your network and remain in direct contact with them, plus gain a wide range of suppliers in our venue marketplace. 

There are many more benefits to using Meetingselect’s platform and services when managing your next meetings and events. Looking for an interactive and immersive experience? Contact us to learn more about the benefits and specifics or schedule a demo today. 

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