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As awareness surrounding environmental issues grows around the world, eco-friendly events have become both ethical and strategic preferences in our industry. There are multiple venue types and sustainable approaches to host a greener meeting, and these options need not be overly complex. In this blog, we will explore essential tips for bookers to plan a more sustainable venue, leaving a positive impact on the environment without compromising on the event's success.
Choosing a venue

Aside from organizing hybrid meetings, booking a venue closer to home or one centrally located for all travelling attendees, when searching for a venue, prioritize those with green certifications. Indicating that the venue has met stringent environmental standards, such as energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, or other sustainable practices, bookers can be confident that they’re supporting businesses committed to reducing their environmental footprint.

When an event requires accommodation for attendees, there are plenty of hotels that have implemented sustainability initiatives such as linen reuse programs, energy-efficient lighting, and water conservation efforts. Also, promoting these eco-friendly options to your attendees encourages them to make responsible choices during their stay.

Meetingselect filters

Our platform assists you in making these decisions by offering filters that include certified venues or those which practice sustainability in other ways.

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Our ‘Green Key’ filter represents the venues who’ve earned the Green Key Certificate. The tourism industry's leading standard for excellence in environmental responsibility and sustainable operation signifies their commitment to adhering to the strict criteria throughout their business practices.

The ‘Sustainable’ filter on our platform represents the venues that may not have a Green Key label, but they support other environmental improvement initiatives and efforts.

Bookers who tick the ‘CSR’ filter will discover locations which follow a business model that holds them socially accountable for the impact of their business operation on people, the environment and society.

Our ‘Circular’ filter is for venues that renew or regenerate their materials. This can mean recycling, composting, or re-using their products, services, or resources.

More to consider

Selecting a venue with convenient access to public transportation or within walking distance of hotels and accommodations is a sustainable choice. This reduces the carbon emissions associated with transportation while additionally, the proximity to amenities and other activities can enhance the overall experience for guests.

Food plays a crucial role in any event, and bookers can make eco-conscious decisions by choosing catering options that focus on locally sourced, seasonal, vegetarian, and organic ingredients. This will once again reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation but also promotes regional economic growth. This extends to collaborating with sustainable suppliers for audio-visual equipment or any other event needs encountered.

Moreover, incorporating technology to reduce paper waste during the event is one of the simpler ways to support sustainable meeting practices. Use digital event apps for schedules, speaker information, and networking, to reduce the need for printed materials. 

To conclude

Booking a sustainable venue for events is a meaningful step towards creating a greener and more socially responsible meeting. Supporting venues and suppliers that prioritize sustainability is a powerful influence towards positive change in the MICE industry. For this reason, Meetingselect offers these filters, provides you with informative solutions, and even developed a CO2 calculator for you to gain insight on your choices made. When your needs go beyond our platform, we offer 24/7 support to help you with all the abovementioned options and more. Together, we can learn and succeed in hosting greener meetings and rebuild a healthy environment.

Go to the platform and book your ideal sustainable venue today!

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