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Taking advantage of people's craving for variety can do wonders for your business' efficiency and innovation. Changing up the space where you hold meetings benefits productivity, creativity, and the overall quality of your organization. The strategic selection of meeting locations has become increasingly important in today's competitive corporate climate.

Getting away from the same old conference room can enhance a team's morale and productivity. It invites them into a different headspace and challenges them to think outside the box. Improving your company's image and the happiness of your employees, thus your customers, depends on instituting these types of changes.

In today's resourceful business world, what sets you apart is your dedication to providing unique experiences for your stakeholders. Plus, meeting somewhere other than the typical office opens access to cutting-edge resources and technology tools. These enhancements can make events more engaging and dynamic for the audience.

Gathering in a new location is a great approach to building connection among your team members and expand your professional network. It creates a lively atmosphere that can dramatically increase efficiency when in sync with your desired meeting ambiance. Because of this, it is essential to carefully select meeting settings to encourage innovative thinking, reach organizational objectives, and stand out from the competition.

We’ve collected 3 venues in Europe to initiate your exploration for an extraordinary meeting space:

Paris, Domaine du Tremblay

For a meeting with a full program, a wide-open space for team building activities, or nature surroundings to recharge in between discussions, a serene location is befitting. Located in a picturesque village, just under an hour's travel from iconic Paris, lays Domaine du Tremblay. A beautifully elegant, 17th century chateau, set in 40 hectares (100 acres) of parkland. With 9 meetings rooms to choose from or the ability to reserve the entire house, including its own golf course, this location is ideal to host your next meeting surrounded by peaceful greenery to complement the mind.


Brussels, Pullman Centre Midi

This venue provides a more modern design though the historical heart of Brussels is only a short walk away. Featuring 10 meeting rooms, diverse in size, plus the Pullman Chill-Out space, you can host a wide variety of meeting types. During downtime, your team can experience the city’s main attractions, easily accessible nearby, and take in a different culture to inspire new perspectives.


Budapest, Corinthia Hotel

Balanced between historical and modern times is this grand architectural, deluxe property. A late 19th century building, demolished and reconstructed while retaining its historic façade, is the perfect location for large meetings. It includes extensive conference facilities covering 3,600m2 of meeting and exhibition areas, a fully restored 19th century ballroom, even a spa and nightclub. This beautiful landmark in Budapest is the perfect excuse to plan a meeting out of town.


So, if you want to have a successful meeting with your team or clients, try switching things up and choose an exciting new location for your next gathering. Book now!
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