New partnership with CONVIEN: innovation meets sustainability

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AMSTERDAM, September 5th, 2023 - Meetingselect is ecstatic to announce our new partnership with CONVIEN GmbH, a provider of intelligent mobility solutions in the areas of meeting management, travel management, and collaboration. Our common goal is to completely transform event and travel management into an all-encompassing experience that yields benefits for bookers and attendees alike. We're looking forward to the amazing synergy that will result from our collaboration.

Innovation meets sustainability

This partnership aims to simplify the complexities of event coordination, champion sustainable methodologies, and ultimately initiate a pivotal change toward conscientious event management. Together, Meetingselect’s leading meeting management platform and global venue marketplace and CONVIEN’s algorithms and travel process projections, will simplify an event’s planning and execution, while also optimizing its location, time and more. The fusion of our revolutionary software significantly reduces climate-damaging emissions and costs while simultaneously boosting the productivity and well-being of bookers and participants. By anticipating refined workflows, providing ample data-driven insights, and harmonizing economic progress with ecological responsibility, this partnership firmly cements both entities as catalysts for affirmative change within the MICE industry.

The solution

By seamlessly integrating the two platforms, meeting organizers look forward to the unification of their event planning process, policy-oriented travel management, and saving opportunities across several dimensions. The CONVIEN Meeting Place Finder (MPF) allows for the optimization of the participants’ complete journey, from flights and carbon footprint to meeting time and costs. This addition to Meetingselect’s platform empowers bookers with a coherent end-to-end solution in meeting management that is mindful of the attendees’ comfort and safety while honoring its sustainable impacts. By visualizing the effects of decisions made at various stages in the process and simplifying the offering of superior alternatives, this strategic partnership is dedicated to establishing novel industry standards.


Martin Bergonje, CEO of Meetingselect, mentioned: "We’re delighted to announce this integration with CONVIEN! Our goal of establishing better connections amongst businesses across the globe, perfectly coincides with their mindful and sustainable travel management opportunities. Empowering our bookers with effortless event planning, now with comprehensive and environmentally friendly processes embedded, our partnership will lead the way to evolved and meaningful innovation within the MICE industry and beyond.”

"At CONVIEN, we have always sought to reimagine the boundaries of event planning, pushing the envelope of efficiency, sustainability, and participant satisfaction”, said Christian Hieronimi, CEO of CONVIEN. “This partnership with Meetingselect is a manifestation of our commitment to these ideals. Together, we forge a path toward a future where every event is a testament to responsible innovation, and where convenience and conscientiousness coexist harmoniously. Our integrated technologies will sculpt experiences that transcend mere gatherings, becoming transformative journeys that reflect our shared dedication to the future of this industry."

About Meetingselect

At Meetingselect, we empower organizations to enhance their meeting management for better connection and growth. Being the world's leading event venue marketplace, our platform has been praised and awarded by organizations, venues, and partners for its efficiency, novelty, and sustainable efforts. With streamlined solutions and automations, we offer access to ample data insights, saving opportunities, and innovative features and technologies. We create a more transparent, scalable, and sustainable booking process to optimize your influential meetings and events, both locally and globally, for unified organizational growth.


CONVIEN ensures the optimization of travel and event planning processes and enables savings potentials in several dimensions through its digital platform. From developing cutting-edge algorithms that have revolutionized the event planning landscape to being hailed as an advocate for climate-conscious event orchestration, CONVIEN's accomplishments have redefined the rules. The collaborations with industry vanguards have solidified their position as a driving force of change, bridging the gap between innovation and sustainability, and setting new benchmarks for the industry. Continuous exchange and experience with travel agencies, event agencies, and sustainability NGOs allowed CONVIEN to offer a platform with a unified language for meeting and travel managers, helping to bridge the needs of both departments.

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