New integration with hivr.ai revolutionizes platform automation

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AMSTERDAM, July 18th, 2023 - As Meetingselect, we’re excited to announce our partnership with hivr.ai, a prominent technological leader in the hospitality sector. Their AI-powered capabilities help streamline the next generation’s booking processes and increase productivity. We're looking forward to the amazing synergy that will result from our collaboration.

Saving time

Meetingselect and hivr.ai formed this strategic relationship to redefine venue booking experiences through advanced automation and dynamic pricing solutions. The partnership promises real-time RFP replies within Meetingselect's platform, made possible by hivr.ai's cutting-edge technology. The alliance offers time savings and resource optimization by automating calculations for inventory, pricing, and other critical data synchronized across many portals and business applications. This unique approach not only reduces the chance of manual errors, but it also addresses the industry's pressing worry of personnel shortages, allowing teams to focus on essential client interaction and care.

Customer focused

Enhanced processes increase communication between venues and bookers, enabling them to exceed client expectations. Response rates, operational efficiency, and income will improve by automating repetitive operations such as capacity checks, tailoring follow-up emails, and merging all RFPs into a single interface. The AI-powered pricing system ensures a real-time, global approach to automatically sending RFP bids, hence improving the booking process. This combination of automation and personal touch represents a significant leap in the MICE business towards more efficient and customer-oriented service.


Judith Huisman, Co-Founder of Meetingselect, mentioned: "We integrate with hivr.ai with much excitement! With this technology, both our venues and bookers can leverage a more adept booking experience with faster access to accurate and real-time information on available venues, pricing, and availability. Collaborating with hivr.ai and other companies helps us advance our platform. It allows us to provide bookers with a true all-in-one service for all their meeting and event needs."

"I am thrilled about our new partnership with Meetingselect," says Christian Graf von Kanitz-Kopsch, Co-Founder of hivr.ai. "This collaboration marks an exciting expansion of hivr.ai's footprint into Europe, leveraging one of the most significant demand channels in the market. We truly believe this partnership will bring remarkable benefits to the industry, providing an unprecedented blend of technology and service, thereby enhancing efficiency and customer experience. We eagerly anticipate the positive impacts this alliance will undoubtedly generate."

About Meetingselect 

At Meetingselect, we empower organizations to enhance their meeting management for better connection and growth. Being the world's leading event venue marketplace, our platform has been praised and awarded by organizations, venues, and partners for its efficiency, novelty, and sustainable efforts. With streamlined solutions and automations, we offer access to ample data insights, saving opportunities, and innovating features and technologies. We create a more transparent, scalable, and sustainable booking process to optimize your influential meetings and events, both locally and globally, for unified organizational growth. 

About hivr.ai

hivr.ai has made noteworthy strides since its establishment in 2019 by four former Expedia veterans, marking significant achievements. Its main offering is a software solution that automates and streamlines the process of booking meetings and events in hotels. The company's client portfolio includes major multinational hotel chains and was awarded the IHA Startup Award in 2023. Demonstrating impressive growth, hivr.ai currently processes over 75,000 RFPs annually and continues to experience triple-digit growth year-over-year. These milestones showcase hivr.ai's capability and commitment to innovation in the hospitality sector.

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