MICE trends: Embrace the WHY’s

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In preparation of Q3 and Q4 of this year, most businesses follow the current meeting and event trends. However, how many people truly understand the development of these movements? Various changes have occurred in the MICE industry recently. We’ve navigated Covid’s restrictions and our resurgence, not only adjusted but revolutionized our ways of working. Many refuse reverting to earlier conditions as they’ve had time to reflect, to rediscover what’s important, and recognize our resilient capabilities. It’s essential to dive deeper into these underlying reasons to understand what fuels current trends and our customers’ fluctuating preferences. So, to stay ahead of the curve, Meetingselect has gathered the most prevalent MICE trends and disclosed fundamental take aways for successfully moving forward.  

Event trends 

  1. While virtual-only events are declining, hybrid events still escalate as they offer companies the flexibility of hosting events of any size. Previously functioning as revenue generators, they've become evidently fruitful as PR activities, utilizing hybrid formats to reach a broader audience. 
  1. As people have less time, shorter attention spans, and infinite possibilities, personalization is essential in your event strategy. Center the attendees’ interests and habits in creating a transformative experience so they remember specific moments in connection with your brand. 
  1. Using 3+ channels in a single campaign, omnichannel campaigns resulted in a 287% higher purchase rate. By creating a personalized journey through multiple digital channels before and after an event, businesses can boost revenue and foster brand loyalty with customers.    

WHY: Deep convenient connection 

What Meetingselect sees is a persisting need for meaningful connection, yet a growing desire for that connection to be made conveniently and efficiently. People want to work, learn, network, and ultimately gain experiences. However, they want to do so on their own terms. Even ‘Bleisure’ is a rising concept, meaning when people combine business trips with a personal holiday. Investigate the connection your target market seeks and experiment with the most efficient ways of establishing it. 

Sustainability trends 

  1. While some feel more effort is needed, sustainability is acknowledged as a shaping factor for future decision-making. Such efforts require practical solutions and as green transition of MICE events is costly, creative ideas are sought to facilitate this progression. 
  1. Still with ample challenges on multiple levels, the efforts in improving diversity and inclusivity initiatives remain a priority. This involves selecting accessible venues, diversifying speakers, virtual attendance options, using inclusive language, and brand-wide implementations too. 
  1. Events compose 54% of business tourism, reflecting their impact in boosting local businesses. By supporting local enterprises, MICE organizers can contribute to the development of the community, foster economic sustainability, and create a mutually beneficial relationship. 

WHY: Social responsibility 

Meetingselect recognizes an evolving sense of social responsibility. Especially the younger generations are impact-driven and in search of purpose. Equally, customers prefer supporting businesses and events that give back to the community. Many follow the crowd and others find that it gives a sense of control and hope in the face of fearsome environmental predictions. Superficial improvements no longer suffice, e.g., solely less use of paper. People demand effective, research-based solutions and integrity. Evaluate your products, services, plans, and processes. Adapt accordingly. 

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