Meetingselect joins the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

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Meetingselect and the GSTC ask for your contribution in the development of the MICE Criteria towards a sustainable hospitality industry.

The GSTC is shaping the future of sustainable Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE). They’re the universal foundation for creating and developing the GSTC Criteria, global standards for sustainability within travel and tourism. It’s been a global collaborative effort and they’ve requested our perspective and insights to ensure the Criteria reflect the industry’s sustainability goals, requirements, and best possible outcomes.

In addition to our vision of empowering unified growth by connecting businesses worldwide, Meetingselect is committed to integrating sustainability within its strategic framework. This entails guiding bookers towards the multitude of sustainable venues hosted on our innovative meeting management platform. Moreover, facilitating door-to-door strategy improvement and support for event planners, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding the most sustainable options in transport, meeting spaces, calendar logistics, etc. Additionally, educating and encouraging our users towards sustainable meeting management, planning and execution with our independently developed digital CO2 calculators, ample data insight, or vegetarian catering options. Lastly, we’ve even founded Meetings for Trees, an initiative with our partners to plant a tree for every meeting held.

Judith Huisman, Co-Founder of Meetingselect, says: “The GSTC MICE Criteria must call for more than merely good intentions. Rather, it’d be essential to compel active participation and proactive investment towards a healthy environment for current as well as future generations. To fulfil these Criteria, applicants must have a well-defined plan of execution, measurement, consultation, and innovation in place.”

Share your valuable input with the GSTC here and join us in the creation of sustainable MICE Criteria. This initial consultation is open to everyone, they welcome and require our contribution. The industry needs and deserves more than technological advancements towards increased efficiency or fruitless conversations regarding superficial efforts. Together, we can make real impactful changes and shape a workable and liveable environment that drives us forward and up!

About Meetingselect

At Meetingselect, we empower organizations to enhance their meeting management for better connection and growth. Being the world's leading event venue marketplace, our platform has been praised and awarded by organizations, venues, and partners for its efficiency, novelty, and sustainable efforts. With streamlined solutions and automations, we offer access to ample data insights, saving opportunities, and innovating features and technologies. We create a more transparent, scalable, and sustainable booking process to optimize your influential meetings and events, both locally and globally, for unified organizational growth.

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