Meetingselect is rising in employee numbers to keep up with growth

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More customers and venues subscribe to the Meetingselect marketplace. As a result, Meetingselect is constantly growing in employees to support all new users. Added to the Meetingselect family are new IT specialists contributing their knowledge on our innovation agenda, Client Support team members serving client requests, Account and Partners managers running day-to-day contacts.

As an international company, more than half of our colleagues are located all over the globe. Ho Chi Minh-city, São Paulo, Brussels, Zurich, New Delhi, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Berlin, Malaga, New Jersey, Waiblingen, Zurich, Trinidad and Tobago, and more locations to come. The other half of our colleagues are working from our new HQ in Amsterdam, where we invite our customers.
We hope to welcome you soon at our HQ, Motion building, Radarweg 60, Amsterdam, and enjoy again how it is to meet in person.

Join the Movement !

Meetingselect team hands up Motion building our office



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