Hiring for Culture Fit

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Willemijn Leijs

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We want candidates who align with Meetingselect's values and goals.

As the HR and Quality manager, hiring for culture fit is critical to our success. A positive and productive company culture is essential for keeping everyone on the same page and working toward our larger goals. Meetingselect culture extends beyond stated values on our website to daily communication, prioritization, and professional development.

Hiring for culture fit allows us to find candidates whose values align with the goals of Meetingselect. We know when team members share the same values, they align implicitly and explicitly, resulting in increased productivity. Encouraging creative exploration and risk-taking also leads to increased innovation and productivity. Therefore, we try to select candidates whose attitudes and motivations are compatible with our culture.


When determining culture fit in potential hires, actions speak louder than words. Observing how a candidate interacts with our values during emails and trial tasks reveals how their work culture aligns with our values. Every individual hire is a team hire. Multiple interviews with team members can aid in the identification of soft skills that are difficult to detect during a video interview.

For us, skill fit is not enough; culture fit is equally important. We consider all aspects of a potential hire, from hard skills to soft skills and values. It is not new, but the right hires will reinforce and improve our culture, making us better, more innovative, and more productive.



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