Equity at every table: Harnessing diversity for success in MICE

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Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) have evolved significantly over the years. The inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives has been demanded more than ever. Extending beyond representing different ethnicities and backgrounds, it encompasses a range of experiences, skills, and viewpoints. Aiming to enrich the entire experience, it also provides a strategic advantage. 

Understanding the surge 

Various events have caused today's consumers to be more socially conscious, preferring to engage with brands that align with their values. They expect a company’s practices, such as marketing and hiring, to reflect the diversity and inclusivity they advocate for. Driven by both moral and practical considerations, some key factors influence this rising demand for diversity. 

Social justice movements 

Relatively recent, movements such as Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and LGBTQ+ rights advocacy, have educated us on the importance of diversity and inclusion. These movements have sparked important conversations about systemic discrimination and inequality. Leading to increased awareness and demand for change, promoting a fair and just society where all individuals have equal opportunities is seen as a fundamental moral duty. 

Demographic shifts 

From increased travel possibilities to an ageing population, many countries are experiencing demographic shifts. As the public becomes more diverse, there is a growing desire for representation and inclusion in all aspects of society.  


Over time, more studies have shown that different perspectives and experiences lead to more well-rounded insights, out-of-the-box thinking, and effective problem-solving. Organizations worldwide recognize the importance of these aspects boosting innovation to stay competitive. 


In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses and organizations often operate on a global scale. To be competitive and effective, they need to understand and cater to diverse markets, both domestically and internationally. Diversity in the workplace and in decision-making processes provides strategic advantages. 

The power of diversity 

Many organizations have started adjusting their practices and workspaces to support this growing call for diversity. Others aren’t yet convinced. Despite critics arguing for cultural clashes, perceived tokenism, and costs of diversity programs, there are strong benefits in support of this evolution.  

Increased creativity 

One of the most significant advantages of diversity in meetings and events is the boost in innovation and creativity. When people from different backgrounds, industries, and cultures come together, they bring unique ideas and solutions to the table. These fresh perspectives can lead to novel opportunities and unconventional approaches. Aimed at the development of new products, services, and strategies, organizations can maintain a competitive edge.  

Well-rounded decision making 

A broader range of perspectives provides a more comprehensive exploration of issues. Reducing the risk of tunnel vision or groupthink, these different viewpoints challenge assumptions and encourage critical thinking. By including employees from various departments in a meeting or diverse panelists at an event, siloed thinking can be avoided, and a holistic understanding of challenges and goals unveiled. 

Rise in engagement 

A meeting or event’s level of participation and interaction bears witness to attendees feeling seen and connected with the content and brand. Increased engagement through inclusive representation ultimately makes the gathering more productive and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Cater to a diverse customer base 

Hosting diverse events not only enhances an organization's image but also makes it more appealing to a diverse customer base, ultimately improving market relevance across the board. 

Breaking barriers 

Though the benefits of diversity are well-documented, barriers to achieving true diversity persist. Some actionable strategies can break down these walls and foster a more inclusive approach to meeting and event management.  

Starting your journey 

As with any new venture, it's essential to set clear and measurable goals. By encompassing a diverse representation of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences in your meetings and events management, you create a roadmap that communicates your organization's commitment  

Make connections 

Based on your overall company’s goals and the individual meetings and event’s objectives, determine who you invite and involve in your planning process. Proactively research and expand your outreach and recruitment efforts to reach underrepresented communities and demographics within your company and industry. When necessary, partner up with organizations who have experience with this type of change management.  

Recreate the format 

In the planning phase, encourage diverse participation by structurally considering different time zones, virtual attendance options, multilingual sessions, even sign language interpreters to accommodate a wider audience.  

Company-wide training 

Promote awareness among your event management team, departmental heads, and participants. Offer workshops on unconscious bias, inclusivity, and cultural competence. This education can reduce potential challenges and help create a more compassionate work environment. 

Data-driven improvement 

It is vital to collect and analyze data on the diversity of your event attendees, speakers, and organizers. This allows you to regularly assess the impact of your efforts and make accurate adjustments to your strategies for long-term success. 

Create a safe space 

Encourage open dialogue on diversity by discussing challenges, experiences, and best practices. Use inclusive language and imagery for communication materials. This simple step can establish a welcoming environment, ultimately increasing engagement.  

Transforming the landscape 

Gone are the days of homogeneous gatherings. Today, embracing diversity and inclusivity is essential for creating meaningful, engaging, and successful meetings and events. Reshaping the heart of the industry means transforming the connections of the people who make up the industry. As the world continues to change, prioritizing diversity and inclusivity is more than a trend; it’s an uncharted future. 


The MICE industry is inherently international. With events drawing attendees, exhibitors, and speakers from across the globe, diversity is the key to unlocking the full potential of this international dimension. By incorporating diverse voices and perspectives, the industry can create events that enrich the conversations of a broad and global audience.  

Forefront of innovation 

Innovation is a driving force in the MICE industry. Diverse teams and participants offer fresh solutions to complex challenges. This can result in groundbreaking event formats, technological advancements, and creative approaches to content delivery. By nurturing and celebrating this evolution, the MICE industry can stay at the forefront of innovation. 

Champion inclusivity at all levels 

To truly shape the future through diversity, we must include diverse hiring practices, representation on leadership boards, and the creation of safe spaces where everyone feels respected and valued. It will empower greater connections across the board, leading to unified growth throughout the industry. 

By cultivating a diverse and inclusive ecosystem, the MICE sector can become a model for other industries to follow. This is especially true as the business of meetings and events affects every other industry worldwide. It will create a work environment no one has experienced before, a thrilling era to witness. To showcase the benefits of diversity, we must start with our own gatherings. This sends a powerful message about the industry's commitment to make the world a better place. Then others are sure to follow. 

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