Embracing instant booking while prioritising personal service

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Louise Felsher from Skift Meetings shared her ideas on Instant Booking and the hotel industry. She poses a crucial topic—Instant Booking; Help of Hindrance

As Meetingselect's Director of Product Sales, I spend many hours researching our industry's changing trends, looking for methods to improve operations and increase income. One such trend that is creating waves in the hotel industry is instant booking. However, like with all wonderful things, it has its own obstacles and opportunities.

Our industry is an exciting mix of technology and human contact. It's an ecology in which tech-driven efficiency coexists with the irreplaceable warmth of personalized care. Balancing automation and customization will be critical as we embrace rapid booking. This isn't about replacing humans with technology; it's about maintaining a human touch while increasing revenue. 

Instant booking has many advantages; it is ideal for last-minute bookings and smaller groups, providing unparalleled ease and efficiency. We must consider valuable meeting planners when implementing automation into the booking process. Meeting planners advocate for rigorous planning, personalized attention, and strategic site selection. They require the ability to customize and retain control over their meetings, which might take some effort with a one-click purchasing approach.

Consider the "Monday morning Tetris" scenario, which demonstrates the possible volatility of rapid booking. This strategy may cause hotels to reshuffle groups to earn more revenue, potentially leading to confrontations with competitors or disruptive groups. This unpredictability adds logistical complication, which may eclipse the simplicity of rapid booking.

Our approach at Meetingselect is centered on developing human-centered technology. Our goal is to blend the benefits of automation with a commitment to direct human interaction. We're on a mission to deliver technology in order to improve efficiency and increase income for venues.

In essence, immediate booking does not include rearranging meeting spaces for the benefit of efficiency. Instead, it is about pricing and yield - a strategic approach to optimizing your offers. We have reached the point where you can use instant booking to maximize the benefits of automation while still providing personalized, efficient service.

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