Connection is key, Meetingselect’s annual internal summit

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On the 7th of June, Meetingselect held its annual internal summit at the Park Inn Radisson Hotel. What an extraordinary day! For our 16-year anniversary, we embraced the theme connectivity. 

It’s in our motto, it’s in our content, it’s our aim in every moment of contact among our team members and users. We realized early on that our company's vision of global expansion is impossible to achieve on one's own. Solely with a common goal, considerate collaboration, and most importantly a strong bond, will we thrive.


For this reason, it’s essential to come together as a team, especially for one like ours that’s growing rapidly in size and diverse backgrounds. We continue to discover the subtleties in our shared professional and personal visions. Constantly progressing in our unity comes with its challenges and encouraging an open culture, one where all feel safe to share their ideas, concerns, and feedback, is one of our highest priorities. Trust is the foundation of an effective working environment, there’s no true connection without it.

To celebrate the success of our hard work as a result of our strengthening connections is equally important. Facilitating connection between various organizations and within our own company is a unique gift very few possess. We’re proud of its influence and thrilled about the upcoming opportunities it allows us to venture into.

Here are some of Meetingselect’s achievements:

-    Almost doubled in size within the year, now 114 talents on our team
-     Commenced  the redesign of our platform and website
-    Expanded our venue marketplace across oceans, now available on all continents

All these facets of connectivity were touched upon in inspiring speeches by our founders, in a panel discussion with various department representatives, in breakout sessions for internal improvement, and even dancing to music from all the different cultures in our team at the end of the evening. Here, we rediscovered the importance of:

-    Encouraging facilitating clear communication within our own business and between yours
-    Learning to understand each other’s backgrounds and building on our collective strengths
-    Finding solutions together by collaborating with professionals outside of your network

We thank all our colleagues for their attendance, participation, and excitement as we came together in word, deed, and spirit. It’s been another successful year and we’ll continue to reach our highest aspirations – Meetingselect as the number one partner in meeting management and empowering unified growth across the (business) world.
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